rel school sign

        Rabbi Harold B. Waintrup served our synagogue community for 59 years, with his wife Elise by his side. A trained librarian, she supported his work and shared his love of the Jewish people, known as the “people of the Book.” Together, they built this synagogue on Noble Hill, growing the congregation, creating a special community. The religious school was always viewed as a cornerstone of the congregation. To honor their many years of dedication to Jewish education, beginning with kindergarten, the religious school was consecrated their name on December 12, 1993, the 29th day of Kislev 5754, the fifth night of Chanukah.

        Our focus is directed toward providing a Jewish education and nurturing a strong Jewish identity for your children. Open communication with sensitivity and understanding among the Religious School Principal, parents, and students is first and foremost.  This process has the potential to develop and bring to fruition a sense of family and community in our Temple.


Statement of Philosophy

        A Jewish education should encompass the opportunity for a student to experience and appreciate Jewishness through all of his/her senses.  With this in mind, the general goals and objectives of our religious school are: (1) to have our students feel comfortable participating and praying in any service - each student will know and understand the various prayers, decorum, customs, and traditions of Reform Judaism; (2) to recognize that each Jew is a link to his/her past and directly connected to his/her future; (3) to participate in mitzvot within the community, not just in the classroom; (4) to foster social relationships between children from the various neighborhoods we serve.