Three Year Olds

Three Year Old’s (3 years old by December)

Three Year Old Curriculum

        Children will expand their academic and social skills. Group games and independent self-help skills are encouraged. Numbers, shapes, colors, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, pre-math skills, daily circle time, fine motor activities, music and movement games, holiday celebrations, and developmentally appropriate drawing/writing experiences are all part of their day.  Holiday celebrations, Hebrew program, weekly Shabbat, music and gym are all part of the school year program.  

    Class 3A    Class 3B

Colors, shape & number review, seasonal concepts, Jewish holiday stories and symbols, plant life, nutrition, story characters, 5 senses, community helpers.

Gym, Hebrew, music, and Shabbat activities

Developmental Areas
Uses increasingly complex sentences
Uses language to communicate ideas, feelings, needs and questions

Begins to understand story sequence
Communicates through scribbling
Exposure to letters in the alphabet
Recognition of child’s in print

Compares quantities of two groups of objects
Sorts objects by color, size or shape
Number recognition

Utilizes different methods to solve problems
Classifies items that belong together

Creative Expression
Names different shapes, lines, colors, forms, and materials
Dances with control

Social & Emotional Development
Recognizes familiar places in the community
Begins to understand how his or her actions affect others

Approaches to Learning
Approaches activities with increased imagination and inventiveness
Concentrates increasingly on tasks or interactions

Physical Health & Development
Develops increasing hand-eye coordination (stringing beads, using scissors)
Becomes more self-sufficient in using tissue, washing hands, and other self-help skills