The Temple Beth Torah School of Early Learning at Old York Road Temple – Beth Am staff promotes a warm, friendly and family feeling atmosphere.  All staff members are professionally trained and experienced early childhood educators. They all hold current Red Cross certification in first aid and many complete CPR training every other year.  Their love of teaching children fills the air at the school.

Orna Avitan, Assistant Teacher
        I was born in Israel and came to the United States 25 years ago. In Israel during high school I attended the Rubin Academy of Music. After high school, I went into the Israeli army for 3 years. Following this time, I worked for the Israeli government as a secretary. I currently live in Philadelphia; Pennsylvania and I have been married for 45 years. I have 5 children and 10 grandchildren and 2 of them come to school at Beth Am. I have been an assistant teacher for 18 years and I have been teaching Hebrew enrichment classes for the last 12 of those years. In closing, let me just say that I love my job!Nannette Bieber, Teacher
        Hi! I am known as “Bieber” to the many children I have taught over the past 43 years. I am originally from Trenton, New Jersey where I attended Rider College. When my daughter was 3 and attending nursery school, I was asked if I would like to “help out” with her class. I fell in love with all of the children and I have been working as a toddler teacher ever since. I am a widow with a wonderful daughter, Nicole, who is also a teacher.  I definitely feel that teaching your children is the most rewarding career that I could have chosen. I look forward to creating many more happy memories as a member of the teaching staff of the Temple Beth Torah School of Early Learning at Old York Road Temple- Beth Am.

Paula Bragg, Assistant Teacher
        I am excited to be part of such an amazing and close-knit staff.  Even though I only started working at Beth Am in January, 2019, the preschool staff has quickly become like an extended family to me.  I appreciate what I have learned thus far and the children here at Old York Road Temple-Beth Am are wonderful to work with!

Jessica Bryman, Assistant Teacher
       As the mother of two girls who have graduated from the School of Early Learning, I have seen firsthand what an incredible school it is.  My years as an assistant teacher at SOEL have brought me so much joy and I can’t wait to see what this year brings.  When I’m not teaching, I love spending time with my family and friends and spending my summers at Camp America Day Camp.  I look forward to watching your little ones grow and flourish!

Marsha Cohen, Assistant Teacher
        I am an assistant teacher in Temple Beth Am’s pre-k class. I started, however, when we were located at Temple Beth Torah on Welsh Road and now have been with Sherrie for 24 years. I have enjoyed working with the children and watching them grow and develop. I have an AS degree in child care from Temple University and I am married with 3 children who also attended TBT nursery and Hebrew school. I am now a “mom-mom” to 3 beautiful granddaughters and I grandson. Let me finish by saying how much I enjoy my time working with your children.

Deb Cozen, Assistant Teacher
        The kids call me Miss Deb or Miss Debbie. I have a BA in Elementary Education plus an M.S. in General Education, and I taught Middle School Science for 8 years prior to having my own children. I then spent 10 years working in the preschool my own children attended. For the past 6 years, I have enjoyed being on staff at SOEL where I LOVE working with the children and teachers alike.

Illene Davis, Assistant Teacher
        I have been working for 30 years between Temple Beth Torah and Old York Road Temple-Beth Am, but I have been working with young children for the last 37 years. Even as a little girl myself of just 10 years old, I was running a day camp at my house for the neighborhood children. I suppose it was always in me to take care of children and to this very day, I still absolutely love it!

Kelly Doherty, Teacher
        Hello. Let me tell you a little about myself. I graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and I have my Instructional II teaching certification.  I have dedicated my life to teaching children from the age of 12 months all the way up to eighth grade. I started my career teaching 3 year olds in an early childhood center. Throughout the years I explored many different age groups and taught children in elementary school, but my heart always brings me back to the “little ones.” I love observing their curiosity and their enthusiasm for learning and I am so happy to be able to nurture, support and develop these special things everyday. The only thing I love more than being a teacher is being a mother to my awesome son and daughter!

Monique GraBois, Assistant Teacher
     Monique GraBois is my official name, however most people call me Mrs. Mo or just Mo.  I have been teaching in the School of Early Learning since 2015 as a pre-school assistant.  Both my husband (Perry) and I have been members of Old York Road Temple-Beth Am since moving to the area back in 2004.  My children both graduated from the School of Early Learning.  Jarred Sam is currently a senior and Aaron Chase a freshman at Lower Moreland High School.  My passion and desire have always been working with children, teaching them new things and watching them grow and develop.  This is so rewarding to me!  I am looking forward to an amazing year with your children.  A little secret about me…I am a huge fan of Disney.

Laurie Jacobson, Teacher
        I attended Penn State University and graduated with my degree in special education. I have 4 children; 3 grandchildren and a beagle named Lucy. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I look forward to and enjoy my days with all of my adorable boys and girls. I strive for each child to have fun learning in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. The best days are when the children learn through hands on, messy, whimsical activities. In our classroom, our home away from home, each unique child forms a part of our classroom community and contributes to our team in their own special way.

Sue Kardos, Teacher 
        Beth Am Preschool is a warm and welcoming school. I am happy to be a part of its team! I have had my BS in Early Childhood Education for over 25 years. I have always been Lead Teacher and I am thrilled to be continue doing so while working with children at Beth Am. Presently, I am teaching one of our schools two year old classes. 
        The children are sweet, kind and curious about the world around them. I am thrilled to help guide them in their day to day happenings while helping to facilitate their social, emotional and academic growth.
        Personally, I enjoy long walks with my husband and dog. There are so many experiences that one can get from our environment while outside. I get so excited to share them with the children.

Melissa Katz, Teacher

        I am a 2 year old teacher here at the School of Early Learning. I graduated Temple University with a BA in psychology and I am currently working on my Masters in Early Childhood & Special Education. When I am not in school, I really enjoy baking and I’m really excited to start incorporating some baking into the classroom this year. I have always enjoyed working with young children especially the toddler age. Seeing the progression of how much they learn and develop throughout the year is always so rewarding. 

Meryl Lewin, Assistant Director
        In the School of Early Learning I have several roles, but the one I am most proud of is Assistant Director to Sherrie Turetsky.  I have been in the field of Early Childhood education for 25 years serving in many capacities ranging from teaching to preparing lunch.  I have a bachelor’s degree from Temple University in history and I returned to school later to earn my teaching credits from Gwynnedd Mercy University.  On a personal note, my husband and I are lucky enough to have a daughter (Jennifer), a son-in-law, (Daniel) and two amazing grandsons, Isaac and Sammy.  Working with all of you and your children is a joy and I look forward to many more years of greeting all of you out at carpool line.Donna Martino, Teacher
        I am the lead teacher in our school’s 3 year old class. I have been working in the field of early childhood education for more than 30 years now and all I can say is that this is one of the most rewarding careers I could have chosen for myself. Each year and every single day with your children brings joy, laughter and pure fun into my life. Outside of school, some of my hobbies include baking, gardening and finding new little towns to explore with my wonderful husband. I look forward to many more years of joy with the children who attend our preschool.

Nina Nguyen, Assistant Teacher
        I am the First Steppers assistant teacher. I graduated from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in English, but I have always found myself working with children and youth in some way or another. I love the genuine curiosity and excitement that children show towards just about everything and it is very rewarding to watch a child grow and develop through the interactions they have with their teachers and their friends. I can’t wait to greet you and your child every morning as they begin a fun-filled day with us here at SOEL!


Alicia Paul, Teacher
        I am currently the pre-k teacher in the School of Early Learning and the kindergarten teacher in the Beth Am religious school. I have been teaching for 17 years now, ever since I graduated from the University of Delaware with my bachelor’s degree in education. I first came to Temple Beth Torah as a teaching assistant with the 4-year-old class and the very next year I began teaching pre-k/K in my own classroom. I absolutely love teaching because the children can always put a great big smile on my face. On a personal note, I am lucky enough to be the mommy to a fabulous 9-year-old who just started 4th grade in the Upper Moreland school district and a 6-year-old who is currently in 1st grade.

Melissa Plumly, Teacher
        I am thrilled to be leading our Caterpillars through the 2019 – 2020 school year! Born and raised in Jenkintown, I have called Glenside my home for the last 9 years. I completed my B.S. in psychology with a double minor in sociology and theatre arts from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. In 2013, I completed a M.A. in counseling psychology with a certificate in child and family therapy from Arcadia University. When I’m not teaching I love spending time with my family and friends, working in my gardens, baking, birdwatching and participating in community theatre productions.

Dena Rosenblatt, Teacher
        My name is Dena Rosenblatt. I am a graduate of Penn State University and I am certified in early childhood and elementary education. I have been teaching for 29 years; 20 of those years have been spent with Sherrie either at Temple Beth Torah or here at Temple Beth Am. During the past 18 summers, I have been a senior counselor to 5 & 6 year old boys and girls at Camp America Day Camp.  I have been married for 27 years and have 2 amazing children:  Melissa and Brett. I am also involved with the Special Olympics and a special program at the synagogue that I belong to called “Celebrations”, a special Shabbat program that allows families of children with disabilities to attend a Shabbat service/hands on program once a month.  These two volunteer activities  make me very happy. I am also an animal lover.  I have 3 cats that were all rescued from shelters. Teaching has made a huge impact on my life and I hope that I have done the same for my students. I feel blessed to do what I love most and that is to be able to work with children and make a difference in their young lives.

Ashley Rothstein, Teacher
        Hi! My name is Ashley, and I am the teacher in the infant center. I love children of all ages, but I am especially passionate about the babies. I like to consider the Infant Center as our home away from home where all babies feel safe and loved! I keep open communication with the babies’ parents so that everyone is on the same page with their child’s development. Arts and crafts, reading, playing with different toys, and singing are all so important, even at such a young age, so I incorporate these activities daily. Babies are wise and understand so much, therefore you will find me talking to everyone in class constantly. I consider myself lucky to work at Beth Am, be apart of such a loving community, and to witness everything the SOEL has to offer.

Sherrie Web PhotoSherrie Turetsky, Director
        I have been involved in the field of Early Childhood Education for the past 31 years. First, I was the director of Temple Beth Torah preschool for 18 years, the same school I attended as a child. In 2004, Temple Beth Torah merged with Old York Road Temple-Beth Am and this became our new home. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Education from Beaver College, now Arcadia University. Additionally, I served as co-director and programming coordinator for the Lower Moreland Parenting Center for 8 years. In this capacity, I facilitated many group discussions, workshops and parenting classes. I describe myself as a hands-on director, meaning I will do anything to escape my office and interact with the children. As a mother of 3 young men, I know that a child is your most precious gift and as director I strive to provide a safe, loving environment for them to thrive. I would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have related to either the synagogue or our school since our tagline is “home away from home”.