Religious Practices Committee

The Religious Practices Committee supports the fundamental necessity and importance of communal worship as an integral part of the three pillars of Judaism (Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Hasidim – study, prayer and acts of loving-kindness) at Old York Road Temple-Beth Am. 

In collaboration with the clergy, professionals, and lay leaders, the committee strives to encourage and educate congregants in meaningful worship experiences.

We believe that mitzvot should, when and where necessary, reflect the timeless principle of “Hadrat Kodesh“, the beautification of ritual commandments, within the context of contemporary liberal Jewish thought and practice.  The committee supports and consults with clergy in matters pertaining to the religious integrity of the congregation.  The committee advocates for lay leaders to serve as role models by regularly participating in the religious life of our Kehillah Kedosha, our Holy Congregation.