Our Leadership

Executive Board – The Temple is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, which in turn is led by its Executive Officers, elected from its membership. The lay leadership works in partnership with the Clergy and Professional Staff. Officers for July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019 are:

President, Mark Kogan
Vice President, Bruce Sham
Immediate Past President, Stuart Levin
Vice President of Membership, Shari Marder
Vice President of Religious Practices, Barry Tinkleman
Vice President of Ways and Means, Josh Posnan
Vice President of Education, Jamie Lincow
Vice President of Social Action, Stuart Greenberg
Vice President of House and Grounds, Lance Kraemer
Treasurer, Erik Feldman
Financial Secretary, Saul Katzman
Temple Counsel, Nathan Murawsky

        These volunteers are elected for two year terms to represent the congregation in decision making. They meet monthly to consider a wide range of issues, from ongoing budgetary, programmatic, and operational issues to visioning the future. Many of the Vice Presidents work closely with committees consisting of both lay and professional members.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 30 elected members who serve for three-year terms, and each year 10 members’ terms expire. There are also lifetime members, including each Past President. In addition, each President makes up to 7 appointments to the Board annually, for a one-year term. The Board meets 8 times per year, and the meetings are open to the entire congregation.

Terms Expire June, 2019 Terms Expire June, 2020 Terms Expire, 2021
Randi Feldman Ross Cohen Gail Arnopol
Rachel Frankel Craig Cheifetz Sara Bloom
Barbara Lincow Brad Cohen Renee Carl
Rishona Myers Sandy Chernow Barbara Novack
Bob Slipakoff Bridget Dorfman Herman Palat
Sharon Whitney Michael Molowitz Hilde Sham
Melissa Murawsky
Adam Schupack
Dan Singer

        We welcome fresh ideas and perspectives from new leaders. If you like to work with others, know how to listen, and want to make a difference in the Beth Am community, please contact Executive Director Karen Kantor.