T’fillah Band – Here at Beth Am we enjoy the music of our T’fillah (prayer) band that comes together for monthly musical Shabbat services, Simchat Torah and Chanukah Services, Purim Shpiels, Sisterhood Seders, special musical programs and concerts.  Guitar, drums, trombone, flute and bass all have a “voice” in our band. We welcome those who would like to add their time and talent to the band. We are very fortunate to have our music director, Mark Daugherty, arrange the music for different instruments. It is a lot of fun to be a part of this musical group. Join us! Contact Cantor Elena Zarkh for more information.

Adult Volunteer Choir – Led by Cantor Elena Zarkh and Music Director Mark Daugherty, our Adult Choir brings a variety of choral music to our Erev Shabbat Service, singing on the last Friday of the month. At this service, we typically honor those who celebrated wedding anniversaries during the month. The voices of our choir enhance this celebration and invite congregants to sing along, making beautiful music together. In addition, the choir performs a variety of community events and holidays throughout the year. If you have an interest in singing, contact Cantor Zarkh to add your voice to the choir.

Purim Shpiel Players – Singing, dancing and re-telling the Purim story based on the Megillah add up to outrageous performances for all ages! The Megillah According to Broadway, Motown Megillah and Disco Megillah (written by Norman Roth) have brought together a dedicated group of talented congregants who sing, dance and act. They invite the audience to sing along and celebrate the victory of the Jewish people over Haman. Performances are directed by Cantor Elena Zarkh with Music Director Mark Daugherty. 

Please join us for this year’s exciting production of “Ester: A Persian Musical”, a Purim Shpiel parody of “Hamilton”, the most relevant and inspiring musical of our time!

Mensch Lab Junior Choir is Back! If you love to sing and perform, learn new music then spend some of your year with us! This wonderful artistic opportunity is available free of charge to Beth Am Mensch Lab students in grades 3-7. Interested in joining us for all or some of our musical year? Please contact Cantor Elena Zarkh at 215-886-8000 ext.138.