Benefits of Membership

        In order to strengthen and support the Jewish community and the continuity of Judaism, all Jews should be encouraged to become part of the synagogue community. While there are specific, tangible, benefits of membership, we place equal or even greater importance on the non-tangible benefits.  Those benefits are the friendships that we make and the community that we feel by being members of Old York Road Temple-Beth Am.  A price cannot be assigned to those benefits, and we believe them to be the most important of all. Please contact the  Administrative Office or Membership Vice President if you have questions or need clarification about the various services listed below:

        Baby namings. It is our honor and pleasure to join with our congregational family to welcome the birth of a baby. Our clergy will perform baby namings of the children and grandchildren of members of our congregation at no charge.

        Weddings.  The clergy performs weddings free of charge for members or the children of members only.  While our clergy perform weddings for non-members, including relatives of congregants, those will be done at the prevailing fee for professional services and room rentals.  In addition, when our clergy officiate at a wedding outside the building, even for a member, it is appropriate that they be reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses, such as parking and travel costs.

        Funerals.  Our clergy will officiate at the funerals of members, their parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren without charge.  The clergy may, at their discretion, conduct a funeral service for a non-member provided that the service and preparation do not conflict with previously scheduled Temple business, and that they are appropriately compensated for their services.

        Shiva.  The synagogue will make its best efforts to provide Minyan leaders for services for congregants, their parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren, regardless of who conducted the funeral.

        High Holy Days. Badges make for a friendly welcome. How often have you seen a familiar face but can’t recall that person’s name? When your “family” is as large as ours is, it can happen often. Members of the congregation receive a membership badge to proudly wear at Beth Am. Not only will it help connect us, but it adds to our feeling of security. Badges are NOT transferable and will be provided to “members in good standing” 18 and older. A member “in good standing” is current in all financial obligations to the congregation or who has made other arrangements.

        These badges will be required for admission to the following High Holy Day Services: Rosh HaShanah Morning (first day), Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur Morning. All our other services are open to the community. Guests are welcome to attend Erev Rosh HaShanah, our second day of Rosh HaShanah morning service, the 9:00 a.m. Young Family Services and all our afternoon services.

        Welcoming Guests. Congregants in good standing may purchase guest badges for relatives or friends (not members of a congregation) who live more than 100 miles from this area. Members in good standing of other Temples who may be visiting for the holidays, must contact their own synagogue to complete a courtesy seating request form to be forwarded to Beth Am’s Administrative Office. In addition, college students and military service personnel will receive guest badges at no charge.

        Religious School. In order to enroll children in the Mensch Lab, our Religious School, the parent(s) must be members in good standing of the Temple.

        Memorial Plaques. Memorial plaques may only be purchased by members of the congregation, or by a non-member in memory of a deceased member.

        Notification of a member’s passing. The Administrative Office will send e-mail notification of the death of a parent, spouse, child or sibling to those congregants on our list-serve.  During the period of shloshim (30 days), the name of a recently departed family member will be listed in the weekly Shabbat handout.

        Fee structures.  We welcome you to celebrate your simchas here at Beth Am. Members in good standing receive a favorable rate when renting space for celebrations here. Non- members pay a premium and pay for clergy services when provided.

        Hospital visits by clergy and inclusion on our sick list.  Because of Federal confidentiality regulations (HIPA), hospitals no longer advise the Temple if a congregant is hospitalized. Our clergy visits congregants and close members of their family in local hospitals. Please contact the administrative office to let us know about a hospitalization and/or if the name of a congregant, family member or close friend of a congregant should be placed on the list to be remembered each Shabbat, when the Congregation prays for a full and complete healing for those who are ill.