Four Year Olds

Four Year Old’s (4 years old by December)

Four Year Old Curriculum

        Children will expand their academic and social skills. Group games and independent self-help skills are encouraged. Numbers, shapes, colors, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, pre-math skills, daily circle time, fine motor activities, music and movement games, holiday celebrations, and developmentally appropriate drawing/writing experiences are all part of their day.  Holiday celebrations, Hebrew program, weekly Shabbat, music and gym are all part of the school year program.  

                  Class 4B    Class 4C

 numbers, letter of the week (sound, identification, writing), seasonal concepts, Jewish holiday stories and symbols, story structure, 5 senses, dinosaurs, sink/float, community helpers, gardening, insects, journaling, board games, cooking.

  Spanish, gym, Hebrew, music & Shabbat
Afternoon enrichment (literature, science, games and multi-cultural experiences)

Language Development
Initiates and responds in conversation and discussion
Spoken sentences increase in length and grammatical complexity

Connects own life with related events in books
Progresses from using letter-like symbols to writing familiar words

Duplicates and extends simple patterns
Combines, separates and names “how many” objects
One to one correspondence

Discusses common properties, differences, and comparisons or objects
Make predictions and explanations based on past experiences

Creative Expression
Creates more detail drawings, paintings, and artwork
Moves in time to difference music rhythms

Social & Emotional Development
Gains knowledge of people in community
Takes turns in games and using materials

Approaches to Learning
Grows in eagerness to learn about and discuss a wide range of topics
Increases ability to set goals or follow through

Physical Health & Development
Grows in dexterity in using pencils, markers, and paintbrushes, scissors
Develops independence in hygiene and personal care