First Steppers

First Steppers (Approx.14 months – 18 months)

First Steppers Curriculum

           This program is for children who are 14 months old and developmentally ready for a classroom setting. The class provides an opportunity for young children to experience time away from their parents in a small group setting. They will experience a language rich environment. Compete with developmentally appropriate toys, interactive music and art experiences, story time, snack and opportunities for gross motor activities. The class maintains an adult to child ratio of 1:5 and is offered 2, 3, 4, or five days a week.

Class First steppers


Language Development
Responds to verbal conversations & questions

Points to objects when named

Emergent Literacy
Repeats patterns in rhymes and songs

Vocalizes sounds/responses to books being read 

Learning about the World
Names some living things

Uses senses when exploring

Creative Expression
Uses a variety of art tools

Imitates sounds and facial expressions

Social & Emotional Development
Recognizes family members

Move from parallel or group play

 Approaches to Learning
Explores new material or events

Physical Health & Development
Stacks blocks or toys

Manipulate peg puzzle pieces
Becomes aware of body parts

Here is a sampling of a few of our themes:
Seasons, Safety- school & home, Body Parts
Animals-house (pets), colors, Nursery Rhymes, Jewish holidays
Me, Myself & I Family, Animals- Farm, Counting

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