Temple Beth Torah School of Early Learning at Old York Road Temple-Beth Am

  1. Curbside drop off- you don’t have to get out of your car on those cold winter days!
  2. Weekly Communication: e-mail reminders, newsletters, parenting ideas and event calendars.
  3. Holiday programming complete with clergy, lively songs and yes, of course, food.
  4. Run around time daily in our auditorium (bike room), centers room and fenced-in playground- yes, we try to air the children twice a day.
  5. Bright child-friendly classrooms where the boys & girls learn by playing, exploring, experimenting and basically having fun. We work to make learning contagious.
  6. Super-doper gym, music, karate and Hebrew language programs included. Yes, that’s right, no additional charge.
  7. A family friendly environment where “everyone knows your name”!
  8. Free synagogue membership if your oldest child is enrolled in our fantastic pre-school!
  9. Loving, nurturing staff who treat your child as if they were their own. We create a home away from home feeling.
  10. Special afternoon enrichment activities for all of the children who are not napping- explore animal habitats, “travel” to other countries, and see the fun side of literature. Who would want to nap!

Programs Offered

   First Steppers: A perfect class for those children who are no longer infants and are ready to take the next “step” into a classroom setting.  Ages will range from approximately 14 months to 18 months based on achieving a variety of developmental milestones.

  Toddlers: In this class, we strive to expand communication and play skills.  Children will explore shapes, colors, numbers, seasons, holidays, weather and community through games, puzzles, projects, stories, songs, finger plays and movement activities. Holiday celebrations, Hebrew program, weekly Shabbat, music and gym are all part of the school year program.  

  Three Year Olds: Children will expand their academic and social skills as group games and self-help skills are encouraged. Numbers, shapes, colors, letter exposure, daily circle time, fine motor activities, music and movement games, holiday celebrations and developmentally appropriate opportunities for drawing and coloring are all part of their day.  Holiday celebrations, Hebrew program, weekly Shabbat, music and gym are all part of the school year program.  

Four Year Olds: Children in these classes will begin to refine both their academic and social skills.  They will participate in daily circle time, class discussions, literature and science experiences. Daily, many opportunities are presented to build the letter/sound connection, enhance fine motor skills and work with the letters of the alphabet. Math concepts include one to one correspondence, patterns and skip counting.  Hebrew, gym, music, Shabbat and science enrichment activities fill their days at school.

 Pre-K/Kindergarten: This class is for children who miss the cut-off date in their school district or those children whose parents would like them to experience a small class environment.  Reinforcement of the letter/sound connection, refining writing skills, hands on math activities, journal writing & “kid writing”, expanded circle time, social studies & science units, enrichment activities, music, gym & library plus a variety of holiday experiences and celebrations. Weekly, the children also enjoy Hebrew, gym, music and Shabbat.

Camp Program: An exciting camp season offered to children, 14 months through 5 years of age.  Children’s summer fun will come to life through songs, drama, art, games and play.  Water play and playground time will take place daily. We will join together for a weekly assembly/Shabbat and we will build friendships throughout the summer. Full and half days are available as well as a choice of 3 or 5 days and extended hours.