Waddler Curriculum

        An exciting program for children 16 thru 24 months of age. They will engage in songs, finger plays, group games, holiday celebrations, movement activities, rhyming, storytelling and much more.  This is a very language rich environment.  Children will progress at their own pace and parents will be kept informed about developmental goals.

Class Waddler

Colors, shapes, seasonal symbols, Jewish holidays,
farm animals, body parts, family and block activities

gym, music, Hebrew and Shabbat activities

Curriculum Objectives:
Language Development
Responds to verbal conversations & questions
Points to objects when named

Emergent Literacy
Repeats patterns in rhymes and songs
Vocalizes while book is read

Begins to understand “more”
Counts in rhymes songs

Learning about the World
Names some living things
Uses senses when exploring

Creative Expression
Uses a variety of art tools
Imitates sounds and facial expressions

Social & Emotional Development
Recognizes family members
Begins to cooperate with others

Approaches to Learning
Explores new material or events
Tries one or two ways to solve a play dilemma

Physical Health & Development
Stacks blocks or toys
Becomes aware of body parts