First Steppers Curriculum

        This program is for children who are 14 months old and developmentally ready for a classroom setting. The class provides an opportunity for young children to experience time away from their parents in a small group setting. They will experience developmentally appropriate play, music, art experiences, story time, snack and opportunities for gross motor activities. The class maintains an adult to child ration of 1:5 and is offered 2, 3, 4, or five days a week.

Class First steppers



Language Development
Responds to verbal conversations & questions
Points to objects when named

Emergent Literacy
Repeats patterns in rhymes and songs
Vocalizes sounds/responses to books being read

Learning about the World
Names some living things
Uses senses when exploring

Creative Expression
Uses a variety of art tools
Imitates sounds and facial expressions

Social & Emotional Development
Recognizes family members
Move from parallel or group play

Approaches to Learning
Explores new material or events

Physical Health & Development
Stacks blocks or toys
Manipulate peg puzzle pieces
Becomes aware of body parts


Monthly Units

          September: Getting to Know You & Jewish Holidays
                      October: Fall, Shabbat, Safety- School & home
                      November: Body Parts, Thanksgiving
                      December: Chanukah, Animals-house (pets)
                      January: Winter, Colors
                      February: Nursery Rhymes, Purim
                      March: Passover, Me, Myself & I
                      April: Spring, Family (Parents/Grandparents/Siblings)
                      May:   Animals- Farm, Counting

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