Infant Center Cirriculum
Open Monday - Friday during the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.


        Our program is designed for families who need care for their baby for the majority of the day or are seeking additional stimulation and socialization for their baby.  The children’s ages range between 3 and 14 months or until they are developmentally ready to move to our first stepper or waddler program.  You are putting into our care your most precious gifts; therefore we create an environment that feels like home away from home.

Class Infant


  • Open enrollment
  • Early and extended hours available
  • Newly renovated and inviting infant care space
  • Daily written communication
  • E-mail and cell phone accessibility at all times
  • Resources for parents
  • Information about developmental milestones shared with parentsActive parent organization group and networking


  • Certified staff
  • DPW certified infant center
  • Year round care
  • Child/Staff ratio 1:4
  • Stimulating play space
  • Quiet comfortable nap room
  • Nurturing, loving and welcoming caregivers
  • Staff is well versed in stages of child development
  • School involvement in holiday celebrations, activities and special programs
  • Lots of parent involvement and communication
  • Community building social events planned with families


Infant Room Procedures and Policies


-    Children will be changed every two hours or, if soiled, in between and caregiver will wash
      her hands and child’s hands after diapering.

-    Use only those items supplied by the parents for their child (i.e. diapers, creams)
Staff will note on daily report time of each diaper change (wet or bowel movement).

-    If a child’s clothes have been soiled he/she will be changed into spare clothes immediately and the soiled clothes will be placed into a plastic bag and sent home.  Please be sure to replace the extra clothing.


-     All infants will be held while bottle-feeding. Absolutely no bottle propping! Infants are fed bottles on a “demand feeding” basis unless otherwise determined by their parents.

-     Infants should be burped, either over the shoulder or sitting up, half way through a bottle unless otherwise instructed by the infant’s parents.  

-     Infants on solid food or jarred food are to be fed only in a high chair or seated at the table. Caregiver will wash her and the child’s hands before eating.

-     Forks, spoons, plates and bowls should be introduced, with the permission of the parents, at about 12 months.

-     Spill proof sippy cups will be introduced, with the permission of the parents, anytime after 6 months.

-     All plastic bibs will be washed out at least once a day and hung to dry, outside when possible.

-     Cloth bibs should be returned to the child’s cubby/bag when dirty.

-     All containers, utensils, cups and bottles will be washed and returned to the child’s bag by the end of his/her day, unless otherwise instructed by the parents.


-     Every child will have his/her own crib.

-     Each parent is responsible for supplying bedding for his or her own child.

-     All bedding will be stripped from all cribs at the end of each child’s week and be sent home for laundering.

-     Infants will be placed to sleep on their backs, as per the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations, until such a time that they can roll themselves onto their stomachs by themselves unless otherwise instructed by the infant’s parents.

-     Cribs will not be rocked unless absolutely necessary!

-     Infants who fall asleep in bouncy seat/swings/strollers will be allowed to sleep there until they awaken on their own, unless told otherwise by parent.


-     Every child will be encouraged to explore his/her environment.

-     Every child will have some one-on-one time with a caregiver during supervised playtimes.

-     Every child will be exposed to a variety of sensory experiences; infants learn through their senses!

-     Books will be available at all times so that spontaneous reading/story time can take place.

-     All toys that have been played with/mouthed will be washed at the end of each play session.

-     Each infant will be placed on his or her tummy for some time during supervised playtime.


-     Parent’s requests regarding the care of their child will be considered at all times. 

-     The children will always be supervised in the play area.

-     All cleaning (wiping down tables and high chairs, sweeping floor, rinsing containers, etc.) will be done after children are finished eating and being diapered.  All major cleaning (large surfaces like inside cubbies, kitchen sink, closet, etc.) will be done while children are napping.

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