Our mission is to foster our congregation’s connection to Medinat Yisrael, the State of Israel through both advocacy and educational/cultural programming that accurately portray Israel, its history, and its significance to Diaspora Jews.

        We encourage and welcome the expression of all viewpoints that support Israel and its right to exist in peace and security within the world community.|

        We especially express our support for, and stand in solidarity with, those organizations and congregations responsible for the legitimization and advancement of Progressive Judaism and Progressive Jewish ideals in the State of Israel.

        Israel education and advocacy activities are hosted throughout the year.  If you would like to be on the e-mail list, or would like to get involved in these activities, contact committee chair Robert Slipakoff, the committee’s current chair. 



If you’re looking for some good sources of news/ books/ journals/ videos/ films, these should be a good place to start.




c. HISTORY and CONTEMPORARY REALITY – (again, not exhaustive – just a good starting point)

  • Howard Sachar, A History of Israel from the Rise of Zion to Our Time
  • Anita Shapira, Israel: A History
  • Benny Morris, Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999
  • Itamar Rabinovich, The Lingering Conflict: Israel, the Arabs, and the Middle East 1948-2012 (a clear-eyed overview of the conflict and peace efforts, from Rabin’s ambassador to Washington)
  • Sandy Tolan, The Lemon Tree: An Arab, A Jew and the Heart of the Middle East
  • Gershom Gorenberg, The Unmaking of Israel
  • Michael Oren, Six Days of War
  • Dan Senor and Saul Singer, Start-Up Nation
  • Anat Helman, Young Tel Aviv: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Ari Shavit, My Promised Land
  • Yossi Klein HaLevi, Like Dreamers
  • Daniel Gordis, Menachem Begin
  • Hillel Halkin, Jabotinsky,
  • Gershon Baskin, The Negotiator (the story of Gilad Shalit’s release from Hamas captivity)


d. MEMOIRS/ NOVELS/ LITERATURE (a few of our favorites)

  • David Grossman, To the End of the Land
  • Yehuda Amichai, Shirei Yerushalayim
  • Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness
  • Sari Nusseibeh, Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life
  • Etgar Keret – any and all of his short stories
  • Meir Shalev, The Blue Mountain – like Garcia Marquez in the Galilee