In 2010, Old York Road Temple- Beth Am formed a Congregational Inclusion Committee “to facilitate the accommodation, acceptance and appreciation of individual differences so that all members of our synagogue community may participate together – in Torah study, prayer and spirituality, communal life and acts of loving kindness to all humanity” (Mission Statement).  Committee members are members of the congregation with expertise in education, social work, and other related professions, and includes individuals with disabilities and their family members, synagogue lay leaders, professional staff and clergy.  The group meets monthly and seeks to identify areas of need and facilitate changes such that individuals with disabilities and their families are able to meaningfully participate in synagogue events and feel a sense of belonging.  For questions, suggestions, or if you are interested in joining committee, please contact Jennifer Abramson or Hilde Sham.


        Old York Road Temple-Beth Am is strongly committed to being an inclusive congregation and offers a variety of special needs services and accommodations, including:

  • a wheelchair accessible sanctuary and bimah
  • elevator access
  • educational programs for children with special learning needs, including the “Amanda Sham Resource Center” which provides support to children with learning differences to allow for full participation in Religious School
  • services interpreted for the deaf (scheduled and on request)
  • assistive listening devices for hearing impaired
  • disability/inclusion awareness initiatives
  • Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month programming
  • dedicated corps of “Caring Community” volunteers who reach out to congregants who may need meals, support, transportation to services, or just a friendly phone call

            If you or a family member would like to attend an Old York Road Temple- Beth Am activity, program, meeting or event but require additional support or special accommodations; please call (215) 886-8000.