Sunday, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

        Welcome to the Religious school experience! Our early elementary grades (k-3) focus on an engaging and interactive introduction into Jewish ritual, Hebrew, Holidays Values and life. Through a blend of formal and informal education the students benefit from Master Educators, a cutting edge Resource Center, and individualized attention for all students.

        Enrichment: Music is an important part of each worship service and holiday celebration. At Old York Road Temple Beth Am our children connect to Jewish music and movement with our Cantor.

        The Judy and Julian Weinstein Family Education Program brings students together in learning with their parents during Religious School. This is an interactive and fun informal experience for the family.

        Kindergarten: In kindergarten there is a focus on socialization and comfort within the synagogue. Children learn Hebrew blessing, have a basic introduction to Hebrew, and participate in learning about the holidays and the Torah. Celebration of Shabbat and holidays is through craft projects, art, music, and stories. For some children, kindergarten offers their first experience with the Torah. We welcome our youngest religious school students into our program!

        First Grade: The fundamental aspects of the curriculum continue to be engagement with Judaism. The children learn Hebrew letters, some Hebrew words, and more prayers. The students learn how to write, recognize, and make the sounds of the Hebrew letters. We celebrate the holidays in new and creative ways.

        2nd Grade: In second grade, the children begin to learn what it means to live a Jewish life through understanding of Jewish values. Our curriculum revolves around the Hebrew alphabet as a basis for Bible, Hebrew, and values. Hebrew studies now include learning the vowels. The children develop a personal connection to God through holiday celebration and observance.       

        3rd Grade: This year strengthens our connection to Israel and Jewish communities abroad. Students deepen their understanding of the stories in the Torah in the first of a two-part in-depth reading. Hands-on projects encourage team-building and leadership skills. A goal of third grade is reading of full words and sentences.


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